Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top 3: UNIF

If you're on grungier side of fashion, UNIF (Ur Not In Fashion) is not an unfamiliar name to your ears; the L.A. brand created by the minds of Eric Espinoza and Christina Lai that's notorious for their graphic tees, pastel palettes, satanic references and covering everything they can with spikes. While I wouldn't see myself in every single one of their pieces (check out the clarity bustier), I am in love with many of them. Here are my top three buys.

ONE: Hellraisers

Ah, the infamous hellraisers. From Tumblr and Youtube to Lookbook, they're everywhere! And for a good reason. The minimalistic base and striking accents are the perfect balance. Remember when I mentioned my love for whole cut loafers? Here's another tidbit about me: I love spikes/studs. Therefore, hellraisers = my dream shoes. Not only that, but people have been raving about how comfortable, solid and true to size they are. If you're not a huge fan of the black/gold pairing, UNIF also has other variations such as red/black, gray/silver, pink/silver, etc. At the moment, many colours and smaller sizes are completely sold out. Once there's a 5-6 back on the market however, I'll definitely consider indulging myself to a little shoe therapy.

TWO: Concho Hat

I first came across the Concho Hat after watching a Wasteland haul from the lovely Jenn Im, aka clothesencounters, aka my fashion idol. Especially as I'm living in Asia, the sun gets extremely hot. Though a lot of the time I'm in air conditioning, there are many times when I need to walk from one location to another. The brim on the Concho hat is the perfect width to prevent rays from getting into my eyes without being too obtrusive. The detailed silver pendants are also a great touch as most of my jewelry is silver toned. Though a bit pricey, there is definitely a lot of potential wear in this hat.

THREE: Drop Out Varsity Jacket

I don't know about you, but growing up with movies from the 90's and 00's, I've always dreamed of wearing a varsity jacket (preferably my future boyfriend's jacket). Though my school sadly doesn't have varsity jackets, all hope is not lost in fulfilling my childhood fashion dream! Well, possibly my lack of moo-lah, but that's another story. Just shy of $250, this jacket encompasses the badass school girl you've always wanted to be. Monochromatic with burgundy accents, silver studded spikes, pockets... gah I'm close to figuratively drooling all over my keyboard.

What would your top 3 from UNIF be?

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