Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fashionably Fierce: the story

Feline prints have earned themselves a questionable reputation over the years. Some pull off the prints effortlessly, while others may have gotten their inspiration from watching Tarzan and The Jersey Shore. I was always one to shy away from any cat prints, afraid of ever again being dubbed as the fifth Cheetah Girl. However, with the recent release of his F/W 2013 Collection, Jean Paul Gaultier proves that leopard print can in fact, be chic.

Forty-four looks of the collection featured leopard print strutting down the runway in various forms – dresses, jackets, accessories and even hair! Though I was not particularly fond of every single look, my favourites (shown above) demonstrated that leopard print can be done tastefully. 

The trick? Keep it simple and don't over do it.
Especially if you're not a dare devil when it comes to crazy colours and prints, find versatile pieces that stand out on their own instead of going all out on a piece you may wear only once or twice. Accessories such as sheer tights, shoes, jewelry or belts will let you channel your inner wild cat more subtly. Of course, my weapons of choice are shoes.

Circa Joan & David

I came across these shoes whilst browsing the Designer Show Warehouse, aka shoe heaven. As I adore almost any pair of whole cut loafers, these definitely caught my eye. The issue that I have when it comes to shoes is that as much as I love my loafers and flats, they don't really help me at all in the height department. Also, my feet are extremely small (size 5 1/2). So, you can probably tell I was a bit excited when I found these babies. Inspired by the collection, I figured hey why not. Time to be a bit more adventurous!

Stay tuned to see how I integrated them into three outfits!


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