Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thrift Haul

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am terribly frugal. I will go out of my way to find dupes and cheaper alternatives for trends. My favourite place? The thrift store. I only have a few opportunities a year to go thrift shopping in the US so I try to make the most of it. Conveniently located downtown, my local Salvation Army is only a ten minute walk from my apartment. It's also where I tend to find amazing steals. On this trip, I snagged seven versatile pieces for a mere $20.43. Basically, three dollars each. 

Ann Taylor Silk Blouse - $3.99

I was about to pick up a similar blouse at Urban Outfitters about twenty minutes before I headed to the thrift store. Luckily I didn't! Not only is this blouse from Ann Taylor, but it is also 100% silk. A little button is missing at the bottom but hey, for 4 bucks you can't complain. I plan on tying up the bottom when I wear it out anyways, so problem solved!

 A+ Button Down - $2.99, on sale for $1.50

 I've been eyeing American Apparel's mid length tie-up blouse in light wash indigo for a while now, but I wasn't prepared to fork up forty-six dollars for a plain button down. At the thrift store, women tend to have a small selection of plain button downs. The men's section has a plethora of button downs, however they run extremely large for my petite body. The solution? The boys section. Boy shirts are the perfect size and length for me.

 Unknown White Cropped Muscle Tank - $1.99

Another one from the boys department is this white cropped muscle tank, comparable to Topshop's. The only thing that stopped me from purchasing the Topshop tank was that the sides of the shirt were not hemmed down. This one however, is perfect.

Russell Athletic Grey and Coral Cropped Tee - $1.99 each

 More cropped tees! Unlike the first two, I spotted these in the little girl's section. Also a great place if you're looking for fitted tops that are more feminine. 

Unknown Velvet Maxi Dress - $7.99

This was my absolute dream find. A piece that I have always wanted in my closet was a velvet maxi skirt. Instead, I found a maxi dress. Score! I was extremely close to missing out on this fabulous piece, but luckily I went through every rack! I'm currently debating whether or not to cut the dress into a maxi skirt and a velvet top, or to leave it in once piece. It runs a tiny bit large, but nothing a belt couldn't fix.

Silver Accented Belt - $0.99

Speaking of belts, I came across this leather one on my way to the cash register. The silver, western accents are just lovely. For only ninety-nine cents, I couldn't pass it up. 

Have you ever gone thrifting before? What was your best steal?


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