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New Look AW13 - Collection

Ah September, a time when the scenery changes hues, the smell of spiced pumpkins fill the air, cool breezes signal the cues for sweaters, holiday decorations are put out far too early. Oh how I miss New England, compared to Singapore where the weather is just as humid, just as hot, and just as it is almost every other day of the year. Sweater weather? More like sweaty weather.

After a month back in school and settling into junior year, I've come to a sudden realization. It's the undeniable truth that we must finally come to terms with: summer... is officially over. Well technically, it ended a while ago, but living in a tropical environment where it's still +33C outside, makes it difficult to notice the change of seasons. Instead of the weather, I turn to a more reliable factor to determine seasonal change–fashion! AW collections, to be exact. Earlier this week, I got a sneak peak at the British label New Look's AW13 collection, featuring three distinct styles: Baboushka, New Look Army, and Grunge.

Raised in a country where four seasons a year is the norm, my expectations for an Autumn/Winter collection involve layers, knits, rustic palettes and leather. On the contrary, the AW13 collection focused on clothing that was suitable for tropical weather, yet still followed with the autumn trends. I was a bit surprised at the summer vibe given off from various items in person; nevertheless, the pieces were still lovely.

Baboushka, described as Folklish flair and rustic Russian charm, is definitely a trend I've been eyeing after seeing it on the catwalk for Paris Fashion Week. The dark tapestry-inspired floral prints are a refreshing twist to summer's bright shades. Seeing the pieces in person, I was a bit iffy about how some of the prints looked more Aztec-like, a trend too synonymous with summer.
On the more sophisticated end of the Babouskha spectrum, lace and Russian motifs were tastefully incorporated into Russian Glamour. The neutral toned laced prints added versatility and chic, two of my musts. Oxblood/burgundy red also made a number of appearances, a perfect colour for the season. 

New Model Army was a concept I found a bit confusing. Defined as casual off duty style with a premium edge, I took it as fierce and urban, like your typical New York female. Expressed with asymmetrical lines, zippers, and feline prints, New Model Army isn't really a new ad refreshing trend, more like an update. Though I wasn't a big fan of the animal printed items (those pieces just weren't me), I did like the statement the zippers had made, changing a simple black skirt into an edgier piece. The colour palette was fairly selective, primarily focusing on blacks, navy blues and reds, not that I'm complaining at all.

Finally my favourite: grunge. However, a point must be made that this grunge is not quite the same as the grunge wave led by Nirvana. This year's grunge is more feminine and a bit more kept together. It's definitely been everywhere this year –tumblr, lookbook, etc– but how could you transform it for autumn? New Look cleverly brought the influence of Scottish kilts and tartan(plaid) to the table. My favourite piece was the tartan creepers (shown above), a lovely statement piece to any average outfit. Dark blossoms were also introduced, again, another refreshing change from the pastel florals of spring and summer. In my opinion, some of the pieces would be accurately labeled as punk instead of grunge, but that doesn't make me want them any less.

Overall, the New Look AW looks pretty good, definitely appealing to the local audience. Some pieces definitely stood out for me while some seemed a little less than refreshing. 

As an exclusive to my readers, check out the collection at a New Look in Singapore and quote "omy bloggers" at New Look stores to receive a 10% discount on regular-priced items (valid from 14 to 30 September 2013)!

Stay tuned for my post on the event itself!


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