Sunday, August 11, 2013

Travel wear

With summer coming to it's melancholic conclusion, it's time to fly back across the globe for those who have travelled abroad. I recently recovered from 20 hours of sitting in a plane and a 12 hour time difference by sleeping for another 20 hours in bed... Stepping on airplanes almost six times a year, I think I've become an expert in dressing comfortably, casually and flying through security as fast as possible. Over the years, I've learned the essential tips for travel wear.

1. Wear covered shoes that are easy to take on and off.

One question I always seem to ask myself at airports is,
"Why the hell is she wearing high heels?!"They aren't even wedges. Full out five inch stilettos. Maybe I'd be less shocked if it were a short flight, but one across oceans? Girl, you cray.
Vans, Converse, or snug flats are perfect travel companions. They are comfy enough for roaming around the airport in and running to your gate, but also slip on and off easily to make passing security a breeze. Shy away from flip flops and sandals. No one likes waiting behind a woman who spends five minutes unstrapping her shoes. Also, your toes could easily be run over by rolling carry-ons in the aisles.

2. Bring a sweater.

Airplanes tend to be on the colder side, especially if your neighbour has their fan on full blast. Those thin excuses for blankets won't suffice. A thick hoodie or sweater will keep you warm, or dub as a pillow because honestly, how can you even call that thing they give you a pillow.

3. Always bring a personal travel bag besides your carry on.

If you're carrying along a carry on suit case, it's a hassle having to open it up to take out laptops, liquids and passports security. It's even worse when you desperately need your bag that's stored up top. A medium sized travel bag should be spacious enough to hold your traveling documents, iPad/laptop of you're carrying it, a snack, travel makeup and your small liquids. It should also be small enough that you'll be able to fit it under the seat in front of you.

4. Wear a watch.


Or at least keep your phones close! I almost missed my flight the other day because my phone was set in the wrong time zone... whoops! I'd suggest changing the time zones on your phone right before you turn them off for take off. That way, you can also count down how many hours you have left on the plane. If you get distracted quite often, set alarms and timers to remind you to start heading to your gate.

5. Dress comfortably.


Seems like a given, but some people care a bit too much about how they look. It's possible to dress extremely well and extremely comfortably, but there's nothing wrong with sweats and a tee. You'll most likely never see those people again so why bother? I'd definitely pick feeling cozy and relaxed over looking fabulous in a seat for seven hours.

If you're flying soon, wishing you a safe flight x

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