Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Look AW13 - Event

After a tiring night of unpacking, I woke up bright and early (for a Saturday morning) to head to a New Look event at Suntec City, the preview of their AW13 collection. At this little get together, New Look previewed some of their newest items, followed by a styling challenge!

The mission: to style an outfit that best represents the given trend (baboushka, new model army, or grunge). Luckily for me, my team was assigned grunge! With 20 minutes ticking on the clock, my teamates, the lovely Nourel and Anshul, and I buzzed around the New Look store piling vintage-esque tees, military jackets and as many gold accessories as we could carry. I felt like a little kid again playing dress up with my girlfriends. As I was our team's model, I released my inner Barbie doll & model, rocking a faded Nirvana t-shirt (Heart-Shaped Box, anyone?), a light military jacket, frayed shorts embellished with lace, a white studded belt, black buckle loafers, a brown leather backpack, statement necklace, and tons of arm candy. And those price tags are totally intentional, duh.

I wish I could have gotten everything in this outfit. It's the perfect outfit for a music festival or for grabbing coffee on the weekends. Despite the jacket looking a bit on the heavier side, it was suprising light! Perfect for the tundra of airconditioned malls.

Here are some of the outfits modeled by other lovely bloggers!


The winning look! I love the contrasting patterns.
Though I don't really try matching different patterns,
I'll definitely consider it after seeing this!

I love how versitle this look can be!
With the blazer, it's perfect for a formal setting such as work.
Take it off, and you're ready for a night out!
The model actually tucked in the top a bit to turn it into a crop top!

This tapestry dress looks lovely contrasting against the acid washed denim.
Definitely an outfit for a nice picnic or a gathering outdoors.

New Model Army:

Though this look was intended for work, I think it may be a smidge too casual,
depending on the job of course.
I'd see this on someone going on a shopping trip with some girls
or grabbing lunch.

If there's one thing I love, it's layers!
The pop of blue and red really make a statement.
I think this look really encompased the ideas behind New Model Army.

Quite similar to the first New Model Army look,
but you can definitely see the difference.
This would be a great casual outfit for school (minus the clutch).
It'd also be a great choice for a date.


I like the pieces of this outfit, but I think it looks too
proper to be the 'I don't give a damn' attitude of grunge.
The overalls and plaid work well, but I feel like the pink
scarf is just out of place.

I definitely like the casual one shoulder overalls.
I'd suggest unhooking that one side so it doesn't look too awkward.
The dark florals and dark overalls don't contrast too much, though
both leaning towards being dark.

If any of these outfits/pieces have stirred your interest, or if you want to style your own outfit with clothing from New Look, check out the collection at a New Look in Singapore and quote "omy bloggers" to receive a 10% discount on regular-priced items (valid from 14 to 30 September 2013)!

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